Monday 19 August 2013

Time Rifters 0.2 - Boss Battle!

Try it out now:
- Area 2 - The boss battle
- New control schemes (head aiming, decoupled, keyhole)
- Reworked HUD for better visibility
- Moved the camera pivot to give a better view when looking down
- Each time clone now has their own unique color
- Integrated Oculus’ new SDK (0.2.4) which includes the automatic yaw drift correction

Smaller Changes
- Mag correction status widget
- Control scheme status widget (with input sensitive hint)
- Modified door sound effect to match animation better
- Darker lighting in the time clone room
- Pressure plates flash so they are easier to spot
- The target of the pressure plate shares color & flashing
- Added bridges with lights tied to pressure plates
- Added holographic resource cube to resources widget as a hint
- Created an earthquake effect
- New transition animations and sound effects for visor widgets
- Added level complete widget & level switching logic
- Added basic save state logic for level transition
- F4 will restart from the very beginning
- F1 or Start will restart the current area
- Changed wording from ‘Progress’ to ‘Remaining’
- Created the boss widget
- Extended shadow distance so the pit darkness worked
- Upgraded from Unity 4.1 to 4.2
- Added glowing effect to rifle
- Removed incorrect dynamic lighting from low & medium quality settings

We really appreciate all of the comments that we received on Time Rifters 0.1, a lot of the feedback was incorporated into this new version. We would once again appreciate any feedback on the new version.

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