Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Time Rifters DK2 Update & Steam Store Page Images

For those that might be wondering, we're still waiting for our Oculus Rift DK2 to arrive. Our order was placed at 2:53 pm PDT on day 1 (March 19), so hopefully it'll be in the next shipment.

We've recently finished creating the images for our Steam store page. After trying out a few different concepts that didn't work, we created a dark futuristic image that we really liked but decided it was missing the brightness that our current branding has.

We took the futuristic and cinematic feeling from the dark picture and combined it with the brightness of our current branding, and created the new Time Rifters image:

~ Jackie

Friday, 11 July 2014

Time Rifters Let's Replay Audio & Time Warping Clones

In the last update we mentioned that players are now able to record a play through of an episode as the first two time clones. We've now added the ability to record audio commentary, making the Let's Replay functionally complete.

As part of the audio component we added a microphone visualizer to show the Let's Replay recorder that their voices are being recorded. Those playing a Let's Replay will also see the visualizer as it is displayed above the head of the time clone that is speaking.

While playing through the game we noticed that it felt like something was missing at the end of the episode, since the other time clones where just standing around. We made a small change so that the other time clones will now time warp back to the clone room at the end of an episode.

~ Jackie