Time Rifters

Ever wanted to play a multi-player game where you control all of your team mates? Now you can!

Time Rifters is a single player co-op shooter where 'time rifts' allow you to be your own team mates. Play as 4 independent time clones that work together to complete the levels. Customize each time clone by selecting and upgrading their weapon which allows you to strategically plan your attack with yourself in the past and future.

Time Rifters was built from the ground up for the Oclus Rift and was a finalist in the Oculus/IndieCade 2013 VR Jam. We think indie games will be a big hit once the consumer Oculus Rift is released. Until then we are making sure that the game works great without a Rift too (but it's way more awesome in VR).

Time Rifters 0.5 - Windows

Time Rifters 0.5 - Mac

Time Rifters 0.5.1 - Linux

Time Rifters 0.5 - Greenlight Demo
Time Rifters 0.4.0 - Optimization
Time Rifters 0.3.2 - Dubstep
Time Rifters 0.2 - Boss Battle