Wednesday 25 December 2013

Time Rifters 0.5 Demo & Greenlight Launched

Happy Holidays!

Time Rifters Demo 0.5 and Greenlight campaign are officially launched!

Try out the Demo & Vote for us on Steam:

- Added weapon shop
- Added lightning gun
- Each weapon has 5 upgrades
- Created 4 new levels
- Balanced 2 existing levels
- Save player progress
- Added award badges progress widget
- Added gold & silver loot from destroyed enemies
- New movement method (no yaw drift or mag correction anymore)
- Added non-Rift support (Standard monitor)
 - Special effects for awards (Fireworks)
- Added Title Screen with Options & Episodes areas
- HUDs match the color of the current player
- Added turn sensitivity & keyhole size options
- Added a music info widget
- Added original music soundtrack
- Added ingame controls help
- Added ingame credits
- Added countdown timer widget
- Added pickup legend to clone room
- Added an FOV slider (for non-Rift)
- Added time slow down effect
- Removed gravity from gold (it floats in the air now)
- Added super jump (Sprint + Jump)
- Swapped Yellow & Purple time clones
- Shop color changes to match current player
- Rounds end as soon as you get diamond (don't need to play all 4 lives)
- Award for completing in fewer than 4 lives on level select
- Levels need to be unlocked
- Removed sliding on slopes

- Incorporated a pool manager
- Optimized enemy geometry data for better batching
- Combined & centralized particle systems
- Optimized physics for slow motion
- Replay playback smoother
- Spline follower CPU optimization
- Better batching of bullets
- Enemy animation and spline follow have lower sample rate (100fps max)