Tuesday 10 September 2013

Time Rifters 0.4.0 - Optimization

Try it out now: http://www.protonstudio.com/p/time-rifters.html

Check out this video where we discuss a few of the changes for Time Rifters 0.4.0:

- Tripled the frame rate on some computers
- Removed dynamic lighting & shadows (adjusted art to fit)
- Added MSAA & downsampling (crisp anti-aliasing)
- Added analytics to help gauge difficulty
- Changed from deferred to forward rendering
- Adjusted HUD transparency and colors (more transparent)
- You can always progress to the 2nd level
- Hold start or F1 to reset entire game
- Optimized CPU usage of music visualizer
- Made visualizer have more accurate representation of the music
- Hide/show geometry at the correct times (small optimization)
- Remove all gold that was not picked up at the end of a round
- Texture resolution reduction via memory profiling